Africa’s animals roamed this planet long before humans did. Some of them are more than 50 million years old, and the first humans only appeared about 190,000 years ago. Despite our short presence on Earth we have already managed to wipe out several species. Only in the last two decades we have forced rhinos, elephants and many other prehistoric animals to the brink of extinction.

The Here Forever Foundation is a non profit organization aiming to support the conservation work of these pre historic and truly magnificent beings.

Our philosophy is that we have no right above the animals to rule and conquer the planet as we desire. We are are there mere newcomers on Earth, and it is our highest responsibility to respectfully co exist with these fellow animals.

However, we don’t believe in threatening people by showing horrific images of slaughtered animals or depressing statistics. On the contrary, we think there is already too much negativity in the world fueled by sensation seeking news, and that such scare has an opposite effect. Feeling hopeless only fills you with despair, and in a state of mind that nothing can be done to improve the natural world.

Our ambition is to inspire people to act and regain hope through positive messaging and visual language. Facts and science are important, but to really connect to people and make a genuine, long lasting effect we also need to reach people’s hearts and minds. As our society becomes more and more technologically driven, we tend to move further and further away from the natural world. By beautiful imagery and messages about the wonders of the planet, we hope that people will reconnect and feel inspired to help save our environment, wildlife and common home.

Together with impactful and emotional inspiration, we will also create campaigns aiming to make people think and reflect, subjecting urgent matters with the goal of creating awareness, debate and PR. In the world of social media, the word of mouth and people getting engaged is the most powerful tool to reach out.

Besides inspiration, the Here Forever Foundation will also do some activities to raise funds going straight to wildlife life conservation. The conservation work itself is not managed by the foundation, instead we support local organizations proven to have done effective work in their fields and regions. We believe local knowledge is key in understanding issues such as cultural differences, and that they will do a far better job in making a difference regardless of the task.

In the end, what matters the most is that these old and beautiful species will not go extinct and continue to roam our planet HERE AND FOREVER.