Global warming, wildlife extinction, international conflicts and virus outbreaks: they are all interlinked. They are all the symptoms of the same underlying condition: our lack of connectivity with the natural world. What we do not respect or have a close affinity to, we will never truly understand or care for.

Beauty Will Save the World is an inspirational interpretation of a grand but forgotten world. The message is clear: science and technology alone won’t save the world. Facts and statistics are not enough to touch people on an emotional level. A real, long-lasting change must start in our hearts. Only by falling back in love with nature will we find genuine compassion to protect it.

With awe-inspiring photographs by the internationally acclaimed artist and photographer Björn Persson, this book takes us on an epic journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, from the jade icebergs of Antarctica to the lush paradiset hat is Madagascar. Driven by a passion for inspiring people to engage, Persson’s photographs resonate at a highly emotional level. There is only so much bad news that we can tolerate before we shut down in apathy or mental self-defense. Thus, Björn Persson does not intend for his photography to cause despair over the threats facing many of the world’s species. Rather, he aims to capture and showcase the incredible beauty of nature and therefore encourage social commitment to change.

Beauty Will Save the World, is the second book in Persson’s trilogy about man’s affinity to nature. The first one in the series was The Real Owners of the Planet (Fri Tanke, 2019)

Beauty will save the world

  • An exclusive hard cover photography book
  • Size 300 X 240 mm
  • 270 pages with 151 colour and black and white photos
  • Forewords by Ocean Ramsey, Richard Louv and Simon Clinton
  • Cloth cover with printed text, and protected with a fine dust jacket
  • Published by Fri Tanke Förlag