Bjorn PerssonI’m a photographer living in Tyresö, Sweden. For years I have travelled around Africa in search of adventure and great images. I think my passion for this continent’s beautiful wildlife and people is reflected in my pictures.

To me the thrill of taking pictures isn’t about the actual photography. It’s about the preparations, the journeys, the long hours and all the sweat and tears that ultimately go into a great image.

I always try to capture the unusual. Whether I’m visiting a remote tribe or I’m in the bush shooting wildlife, I always want to find a new angle, composition, or story no one has told before.

My favourite place is Kenya and the vast fields of Masai Mara. This is the cradle of life, and that’s why we must do everyhting we can to save it.

My special concern for the African wildlife started in 2002 when I studied conservation and worked with anti poaching in Timbavati, South Africa. This was also when I realized what a critical state the African wildlife is in.

Since then, my biggest ambition is to spread awareness. But I don’t want to do it by creating despair. Through my images I want to pay tribute to these beautiful creatures in their magnificent surroundings. The African wildlife  holds an immense beauty rooted deep in our souls, and by connecting to it I think we can create the engagement needed to make a change.



Here’s an interview made for National Geographic.


Bjorn Persson, 2016