Björn Persson is an internationally renowned photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has spent many years travelling around the world in search of adventure and spectacular images. His passion for this planet’s beautiful wildlife and humans is reflected in his images. Several of his photographs have won prestigious awards in international photography competitions, and his work can be seen in galleries throughout the world. 

Björn looks upon his work as an art form rather than pure nature photography. He sees the animals as they truly are; emotional, thinking and conscious beings with different personalities. He tries to portray their souls and translate their wisdom. Instead of creating despair about their threatened situation, he wants to give people the urge and inspiration to get involved.

Apart from photography, Björn is committed to documenting and raising awareness to the threatened species situation. His passion for wildlife was born when he trained in field care and worked with anti-poaching in South Africa. That’s when he discovered what a critical state the wildlife is in. Since then, Björn has used his photography as a weapon against wildlife poaching, and donated substantial amounts towards wildlife conservation.

Recently he released his new photography book The Real Owners of the Planet, which celebrates the beauty of the African wildlife. It’s the first in a series that will cover the endangered species of every continent in the world.

  • BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year nomination, 2015
  • GDT Awards best portfolio, 2016
  • Sony World Photography Awards second place, Sweden, 2016
  • BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year nomination 2017
  • BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year best black and white photography, nomination, 2017
  • Sony World Photography Awards Third place, Sweden, 2017
  • Africa Geographic’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year first place, Most popular photo, 2017
Media that has featured the photography of Bjorn Persson
Articles and publications
  • Somerset House, London, 2015
  • Clarion Hotel, Gothenburg, 2016
  • The Photo Fair, Stockholm, 2016
  • Natural History Museum, London, 2017
  • Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre, 2017
  • Royal Albert Hall, London, 2018
  • Pelle Unger Gallery, Stockholm, 2018
  • The PhotoGallery, Halmstad, 2019
  • Dunkers Cultural Museum, Helsingborg, 2019
Ambassador Assignments
  • Bjorn and his wife Larisa together with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and the world famous conservationist Dr Sylvia Earle at the Ocean Ball charity gala, arranged by the Perfect World Foundation.
  • Bjorn together with the Eurovision Contest winner Måns Zelmerlöw and top ex tennis player Jonas Björkman during the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation gala.
  • Bjorns photo Close Encounter selling at €12,000 at the Star For Life charity auction

    All Björn’s photography expeditions are thoroughly planned and executed together with the best and most professional partners. For the polar regions he is sponsored by Carpe Adventures. The adventure agency Carpe Adventures are specialists in expeditions and adventures and have a long experience in arranging trips to the Polar regions and Svalbard, among others. The personal travel agency with its head office in Uppsala keeps its values firmly in mind and are themselves involved in support projects and conservation. During the coming year, Carpe Adventures together with Björn will also present a new travel category - Exclusive Photo tours.


    Amarula, the world famous liquer brand, is working together with Björn to make a change for the enadgered elephants. Amarula aims to raise awareness around and money towards the ongoing struggle plaguing these gentle giants. For every bottle of Amarula sold they donate $1.00 to wildlife conservation. Through art exhibitions, lectures and other events, Bjorn and Amarula will continue their partnership and fight to ensure the survival of the African elephant. Read more at!/trust

    Bjorn is only working with the best and most professional photography partners. Scandinavian Photo is Scandinavias leading photography company, with exclusive rights to print and produce Björn’s work. They also sponsor him with lenses and camera gear during his expeditions around the world.


    Björn is represented by Matias Ibanez, with thorough experience in international photography fine art. Contact Matias for sales, exhibition requests, lectures or any other queries.

    Ibanez Art AB
    Götgatan 73

    116 62 Stockholm
    Phone: 070-713 47 45

    For further reading, here’s an interview made for National Geographic.